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CWG Customs Broker specializes in providing US Customs clearance and helping businesses navigate through the import process.

My name is Cathy Wilderspin-Gayle and I am founder of CWG Customs Broker, a full-service customs brokerage company. As a licensed customs broker since 2001, I bring more than industry knowledge and experience to the table. I offer peace of mind to a variety of clients who know their shipments will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. It is my attention to detail and tenacious spirit that separates me from other service providers.

Over the years, I have managed the import process for a wide range of products. CWG Customs Broker has become one of the few brokerage firms specializing in the aircraft industry. This service provides inbound and outbound clearance of aircraft, which includes executing the documentation and coordination between all entities involved. Regardless of the commodity, I value all relationships and understand the importance of communication. When you contact CWG Customs Broker, you are speaking with an experienced customs broker and logistics specialist.

Whether you are a seasoned importer or new to the process, I would appreciate an opportunity to help you power through with your import needs.

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Cathy Wilderspin-Gayle
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